Lonnie C. Poole Jr. College of Management at North Carolina State University

Sustainability Research

Areas of Expertise

The Poole College of Management faculty has deep expertise in a broad range of teaching and research topics supporting sustainable business models including life cycle assessment, supply-chain management, labor and human rights, sustainable consumer behaviour, integrated reporting and metrics, the interaction of businesses and environmental policies, and environmental economics.

Sustainability in Research Seminar Series

The Sustainability Initiative hosts regular talks by distinguished visiting faculty across a broad range of sustainability-related research areas. Seminars are free of charge and open to NC State faculty, graduate students and invited guests.

Joshua Rauh
"The Sustainability of Public Pension Plans"
Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute, Stanford University
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
3:00 - 4:15pm
Nelson 4210
Bio and CV


Lawrence Ausubel
"Renewable Energy Pricing: How Auction Pricing Can Help Achieve Sustainable Energy from Renewable Sources"
Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
3:00 - 4:15pm
Nelson 4210
Bio and CV


Recent Publications

Ongoing Research

  • Julie Earp, Marianne Bradford, and Paul Williams, "What consumers want to know about a company’s sustainability activities."
  • Stacy Wood, Stefanie Robinson, and Mike Stanko, "Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Biochemical Influences on Socially Responsible Consumption."
  • Giuseppe Fiori and Nora Traum, "Green Policies, Aggregate Investment Dynamics and Economic Sustainability."

Sustainability Initiative Grant Program

The Poole College Sustainability Initiative provides funding to support research projects (up to $25,000) and curriculum development projects (up to $5,000) for faculty with a majority appointment in the Poole College of Management.

2013 Sustainability Initiative Research Grantees

  • "Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Biochemical Influences on Socially Responsible Consumption." Research team: Stacy Wood, Stefanie Robinson, and Michael Stanko.
  • "Green Policies, Aggregate Investment Dynamics and Economic Sustainability." Research team: Giuseppe Fiori and Nora Traum.

2013 Sustainability Initiative Curriculum Development Grantees

  • Stefanie Robinson, MBA 560: Marketing, sustainability lecture materials and related semester-long project.
  • Beth Ritter, MIE 432: Labor and Employee (Industrial) Relations, incorporating responsible management practices.
  • Don Pagach, ACC 310 & 311: Intermediate Financial Accounting I & II, development of sustainability writing cases.
  • Thayer Morrill, ECG 790: Economics, development of two separate sustainability-related modules.

Research Support

The Initiative works with faculty to:

  • Identify research topics and research partners at other colleges within the university
  • Identify and sponsor sustainability related academic conferences, journals and grant opportunities
  • Integrate sustainability topics into courses
  • Identify and develop sustainability related cases, problems, or exercises
  • Identify sustainability related classroom educational materials such as textbooks, periodicals, and other technical guidance materials.

“To compete in the evolving global economy, entrepreneurial companies large and small are seeking products to produce and approaches to doing business that are not only sustainable, but are attractive to customers who are increasingly concerned with both ecological and the larger sustainability issues. In addition to the growing recognition that businesses must be managed in ways that protect the natural environment, there is a renewed recognition that sustainable companies must give more back to the social environment than they consume." – Dr. Roger Mayer, professor, Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contact Jessica Thomas to learn more about opportunities for research support.

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