Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

The Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Initiative (TEC)

Since 1995, the Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) Initiative has significantly influenced the commercialization of more than 100 new technologies and has launched several technology companies. These companies and technologies have attracted over $119 million in investment capital and brought new jobs and international recognition to the NC State Jenkins MBA program and the companies invested. TEC teams MBA students with graduate students in technical disciplines and teaches them the processes necessary to transform new technology platforms into successful businesses through innovation and entrepreneurship. Using new and emerging world technologies and a proprietary commercialization methodology, students are given an incomparable opportunity for hands-on commercialization experience, bridging the gap between the laboratory and the market place.


Using technologies provided by our technology partners, TEC students learn how to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the market place.


The TEC program at the NC State College of Management is built on the ongoing interaction between students, faculty, and technology companies in the advancement of education, research, and commercialization of new and emerging technologies through cross-functional collaboration and an understanding of innovation processes. TEC aims to capitalize on this interdisciplinary experience with three initiatives:

  • To educate students, faculty and companies in entrepreneurial and innovation processes
  • To research high-technology entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, new venture creation, and project championing
  • To commercialize new technologies and get them to the market through our business partnerships

TEC has aided in technology commercialization for many companies including:

  • ABB
  • Beckton Dickinson
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • IBM
  • Kobe Steel
  • Lord Corporation
  • Microelectronics Center of North Carolina
  • NASA
  • Nortel Networks
  • Reichhold
  • Research Triangle Institute

Success Stories

Representative Job Titles for 2011 MBAs Company Concentration
Credit Risk Analyst Credit Suisse Entrepreneurship
PSCM Business Analyst BP Entrepreneurship
Vice President Opticom Entrepreneurship

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