Global Exposure Develops Strong Leaders

Nov 22, 2013



Global Exposure Develops Strong Leaders

By Christine Ferrell

Boarding a plane, crossing an ocean and traveling thousands of miles can be about much more than just having fun.  As technology and innovation continue to accelerate globalization, it is increasingly important that business professionals have international experience – one that develops cross-cultural communication skills, independence, flexibility and problem solving. 

Shelly Gorman, Director of the Jenkins MBA Career Development shares, “Any emerging leader should have a global experience given the current business landscape we’re looking at.” 

International immersions are an excellent way for Jenkins MBA students to gain valuable global experience and first-hand insight into new cultures and business practices. Students can choose from six different international courses, two during Spring Break 2014 and four in Summer 2014. 

Here’s what MBA students have said about their global immersion experiences:

“This is now a very interconnected world.  In order to stand out in a competitive job market, you have to understand how other cultures work.  When you can successfully understand the nuances of a new culture and articulate that to others, you have an advantage because every organization cares about culture,” says MBA student Lynn Clark. Clark traveled to Prague, Czech Republic in 2013 as part of the Sustainability & Business immersion with Professor Scott Showalter.

MBA student Annie Bishop had the opportunity to experience Munich, Germany with Professor Jon Bohlmann.  About the immersion she says, “I thought the global immersion was a great experience both professionally and personally. We visited several different companies, including BMW and SAP, and learned how their companies supported and created innovation.  I enjoyed experiencing the culture and exploring the city of Munich.  It was also great getting to know and network with everyone on the immersion.  Several of the students were in the part-time program, so I may have not met them otherwise.”

All MBA students – full-time, professional and professional online – are eligible to register for any of the six immersions to be offered in Spring and Summer 2014.

2014 Global Immersion Opportunities

Investing in China, Shanghai and Beijing, China, Professor Mark Walker, March 8-15

Trend Spotting for Culture and Design, London, England, Professor Colbey Reid, March 8-15

Innovation &  Marketing Systems, Munich, Germany, Professor Jon Bohlmann, May 10-17

BioSciences Technology in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, Professor Richard Kouri, May 10-17

Doing Business in Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Professors Steve Barr and Mark Nance, May 10-17

Doing Business in China, Beijing, China, Professor John McCreery, May 9-17

Registration Information

The registration deadline for all MBA global immersions is December 6, 2013. Students interested in participating in an immersion should submit an application through the Study Abroad website.  Detailed information on study abroad courses is available on the international programs website. Please direct any questions regarding registration, credit hours or tuition feesto Judee Lonnee, director of academic advising.

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