The most frequent request we receive from prospective MBA students is the opportunity to interact with current students, and your assistance enables us to give them a perspective only an NC State MBA student can provide.  The time commitment involved is minimal (typically 10 hours/semester), but your participation will make a tremendous impact on the future of the NC State MBA program. 

What’s Involved:

As an Ambassador, you will make any or all of the following contributions:

  • Hosting a prospective student in one of your classes.  This involves requesting permission from the professor, ensuring it is not an exam date (and it should be a date convenient for you), and meeting the prospective student a few minutes prior to class to introduce him or her to your classmates.

  • Answering prospective student questions via email.

  • Taking a prospective student on a campus tour.

  • Contacting accepted students to answer any questions and encourage them to attend NC State's Jenkins MBA Program.

*Please note: All activities are optional

Additional Activities

Other ways you can contribute to the program as a Student Ambassador include:

  • Contacting your employer to determine if your company would be interested in an on-campus information session for your co-workers.

  • Providing the MBA Program Office with the names & contact information of 3 of your co-workers or friends who have expressed interest in the program so that we may follow up with them and invite them to special events.

  • Providing a brief testimonial at an Information Session.

  • Participating in webinars and/or MBA events for prospective students.

How it Works

Please fill out this form & return it to Atrin Assa via email so that a short profile can be created for our website.  You will begin receiving emails from prospective students and the MBA Program Office regarding the program; we hope you will make an effort to respond to them in a timely manner.  Please cc Jen Arthur  on your response so that we can track the prospective students.  

Again, all of the activities are OPTIONAL – if you are not comfortable hosting a student in class or participating in any other activity, we would still appreciate your participating in any way you can.  You can opt out at any time.  If you have questions or problems, please contact Jen Arthur.

Thanks so much for your participation!