Services Management & Consulting

Services Management & Consulting

In today’s global business arena, expanding knowledge and expertise in services management is essential to success. As consulting services become increasingly competitive, it is important to have a systematic and innovative approach to identifying, creating, and delivering consulting services solutions. 

You cannot talk about services without talking about people, both in terms of building and maintaining relationships and understanding the interface between people, business strategy, business processes, and technology. Service engagements must be designed and managed to meet client and provider expectations and achieve satisfactory returns and performance. This requires cross functional skills in the areas of customer analysis and engagement management.


  • Services Management & Consulting

The NC State Jenkins MBA Program’s Services Management MBA concentration focuses on the relationships that are critical in the services industry. This relationship management curriculum provides essential tools and frameworks for effective customer analysis and engagement management, as well as practical experience working in cross-functional teams and collaborating with companies on real projects.

The curriculum applies insights from scientific, management, and engineering perspectives to determine how to align people and technology effectively, in order to generate value for both services providers and clients. MBA degrees with a Services Management MBA concentration will be prepared for positions in consulting or with companies that buy consulting services. Graduates will leave with strong competencies in business process re-engineering, outsourcing, and an understanding of the technologies used in the field.

This curriculum is aligned with the college’s Services and Product Innovation Initiative, which works closely with companies seeking to develop this field of study.

Dr. Thomas Hollmann, a professor at NC State's Jenkins MBA program, talks about the Services Management MBA concentration. This concentration prepares students for a variety of roles in industries such as consulting, financial and retail. The Services Management MBA concentration is ideal for students who desire to move from one function to another in a variety of different roles.

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