Dual Degree Programs

The Jenkins MBA program currently offers six dual degree programs that allow you to align your education with your specific career goals. 

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Develop a knowledge-base of management and veterinary skills, and gain experience by completing a six-week internship.

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Juris Doctor at Campbell University

Learn the fine balance between business and law, and prepare yourself for a wide range of careers through this individualized four-year program.

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Master of Accounting

Gain knowledge in the complementary fields of business and accounting.

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Master of Industrial Engineering

Acquire the knowledge needed for industrial engineering and management skills within a variety of specific concentrations.

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Master of Global Innovation Management

Immerse yourself in business and management, and learn about the excitement and challenges of innovation.

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Master of Microbial Biotechnology

Study microbial biotechnology and management through our balanced approach, which allows you to concentrate in either biosciences management or entrepreneurship.

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