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Fall 2014 Freshman Planning Calendar

Fall 2014 Freshman Planning Calendar

NC State New Student Checklist:

Academic Placement

Math and Foreign Language Placement

All Poole College of Management students must take a placement exam for both Math and Foreign Language unless they have credit for math or foreign language through AP tests or by taking college courses while in high school.

NC State Placement Exams

Placement exams from NC State are another option for academic placement.  The NC State Online Mathematics Skill Test is available now and should be taken no later than May 21 to ensure that scores are available in time for pre-registration.  For Foreign Language, testing is available during New Student Orientation in June and July.  No registration for the test is required.  Scores will not be not be available in time for students to be pre-registered into foreign language courses before orientation.

Information about all placement testing options can be found on the NC State New Students page here:

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are one option for placement testing and are available in both Math and Foreign Language.  In order to ensure that scores are here by Orientation, tests should be taken no later than June 2.  You need to register for the SAT Subject Tests as soon as possible through your high school guidance counselor, or at

  • Students taking the Math SAT Subject Test should register for the Level 2C test
  • AP tests can replace SAT Subject Tests, but you may want to take both to ensure credit and appropriate placement


College Credit Earned   

Advanced Placement Exam credit information:

International Baccalaureate credit information:

College and Community College Transfer credit:


Your official transcript(s) and score reports should be sent to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
NC State University - Campus Box 7103
Raleigh, NC 27695-7103

New Student Orientation

Orientation for new students is designed for you to get to know the campus, meet new friends, interact with your advisors and register for fall courses.  Students will typically be pre-registered for several courses; usually a one-credit orientation course, English, Math (based on placement scores) and a foreign language (based on placement scores).  Students will register for the remainder of their schedule at Orientation.  This is a very important event!  Parents are invited too – there is a separate schedule for parents for most of Orientation.


  • February, March & April – Orientation and Housing Info to all students who have paid the $200 enrollment deposit
  • May 1st – $200 Enrollment deposit due to Undergraduate Admissions
  • Poole College of Management Freshman Orientation - students choose ONE of the following:
                          June 25 & 26, June 30 & July 1, July 1 & 2
  • July – Tuition for Fall Semester Due (bills sent early July).  All freshmen will be billed for a full load of courses (12+ credits).           
  • August 15th  – Residence Hall Check-In                       
  • August 15th – 23rd   Wolfpack Welcome Week Activities
  • August 20st (Wednesday) ­Fall Semester Begins. 



Welcome to NC State!