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About Diversity and Inclusion

Consistent with NC State University, the Poole College of Management fully embraces the mission of enhancing diversity and inclusiveness, and thus has this mission as one of our strategic priorities. We are emphasizing the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students. This priority is not only the right thing to do; it improves the quality of the working, learning, and living environment.

Diversity as a concept focuses on a broader set of qualities than race and gender; it is multicultural. In the context of the workplace, valuing diversity means creating a workplace that respects and includes differences, recognizing the unique contributions that individuals with many types of differences can make, and creating a work environment that maximizes the potential of all employees.

A diverse workforce that feels comfortable communicating varying points of view provides a larger pool of ideas and experiences. Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that often lead to better solutions. Many organizations refer to this as diversity of thought.

For our students, it is critically important that our college provides a diverse and inclusive environment to better prepare our students for diversity in the workplace. Learning how to thrive and collaborate with others of different perspectives is good for business.

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