In 2010, a generous gift from Lonnie C. Poole Jr. and his wife Carol Johnson Poole made this the first endowed college at NC State. In 2014, we created the university’s first endowed dean’s chair. And thanks to the generous support of our alumni and friends, we’re growing and recognized as a world-class college of management.

Poole College is Extraordinary

Hear from Poole College of Management alumnus, Mike Constantino, ’84, about how philanthropy changed his life when he received a scholarship his junior year, that allowed him to finish his degree.

Campaign Goal

In October 2016, NC State launched its $1.6 billion campaign to Think and Do the Extraordinary — the largest fundraising effort in our university’s history. Thanks to the sustained private support of our alumni and friends, the Poole College of Management’s extraordinary future is within reach. Private gifts raised in the campaign support our mission to create an environment that fosters learning for our students and scholarship for our faculty who are working everyday to impact our data-rich, dynamic economy, improving the lives of North Carolinians and beyond.

Total campaign dollars raised to date (from July 1, 2013- June 30, 2018) is: $65,786,904. To learn more about how gifts made an impact in 2017, read our 2017 Impact Report.

Fiscal Year Highlights

Figures as of July 30, 2018:

  • FY18 Year to Date Gifts & New Commitments: $6,326,901 (up 19% from last year)
  • FY17 Total: $5,335,870
  • FY15-FY17 3 yr ave: $4,647,152 (up 36%)
  • Poole College of Management Total Endowment as of 3/31/2018 (Fundriver):  $ 61,285,086

Alumni Engagement

The Poole College alumni network is nearly 30K strong (28,370) and includes some of the business world’s outstanding stars and many of its brightest prospects.

Many of our alumni actively participate on advisory boards, which provide meaningful market insights to our various programs and mentorship to our students. Boards include: