2008 Economics Publications

Economics – 2008 Journals

  • Caner, M. (2008). Nearly Singular Design in GMM and GEL. Journal of Econometrics (vol. 144(2), pp. 511-523).
  • Clark, R. L., Ghent, L. (2008). Mandatory Retirement and Faculty Retirement Decisions. Industrial Relations (pp. 153-163).
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  • Guerron, P. (2008). Refinements on Macroeconomic Modeling: The Role of Habit Formation and Heterogenous Labor Supply. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (vol. 32, pp. 3613 – 3630).
  • Holthausen, D. M., Tsoulouhas, T. C. (2008). The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Agent Behavior and Efficiency in Open and Closed Organizations. Economic Theory (pp. 73-97).
  • Margolis, S. E. (2008). The Profits of Infringement: Richard Posner v. Learned Hand. Berkeley Technology Law Journal.
  • Phaneuf, D. J., Smith, V. K., Palmquist, R. B., Pope, J. C. (2008). Integrating Property Value and Local Recreation Models to Value Ecosystem Services in Urban Watersheds. Land Economics (3 ed., vol. 84, pp. 361-381).
  • Seater, J. J. (2008). The Demand for Currency Substitution. Economics (vol. 2).
  • Wessels, W. J. (2008). A Consumption Model of Income Inequality. Journal of Income Distribution (2 ed., vol. 17, pp. 5-24).

Economics – 2008 Book Chapters

  • Clark, R. L., d’Ambrosio, M. (2008). Adjusting Retirement Goals and Saving Behavior: The Role of Financial Education. Improving the Effectiveness of Financial Education and Saving Programs, Annamaria Lusardi, ed. (pp. 237-256). Chicago, IL.
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  • Seater, J. J. (2008). Government Debt and Deficits. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.