2010 Economics Publications

Economics – 2010 Journals

  • Caner, M., Grennes, T. J. (2010). Analysis of a Sovereign Wealth Fund. The World Economy, 2010 (April), 597-614.
  • Caner, M. (2010). Testing Estimation in GMM with Nearly Week Instruments. Econometric Reviews.
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  • Clark, R. L. Retiree Health Plans for Public School Teachers After GASB 43 and 45. Education Finance and Policy, 438-462.
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  • Grennes, T. J., Guerron, P., Leblebicioglu, A. R. (2010). Economic Development and Heterogeneity in the Great Moderation among the States. Economic Bulletin(2010).
  • Karali, B., Dorfman, J., Thurman, W. N. (2010). Delivery Horizon and Grain Market Volatility. Journal of Futures Markets, 8, 1:21.
  • Karali, B., Dorfman, J., Thurman, W. N. (2010). Do Volatility Determinants Vary Across Futures Contracts? Insights from a Smoothed Bayesian Estimator. Journal of Futures Markets, 8.
  • Karali, B., Dorfman, J., Thurman, W. N. (2010). Delivery Horizon and Grain Market Volatility. Journal of Futures Markets, 8, 1:21.
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  • Michael, J. A., Palmquist, R. B. (2010). Environmental Land Use Restriction and Property Values. Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, 11, 1-28.
  • Mitchell, K., Pearce, D. K. (2010). Do Wall Street Economists Believe in Okun’s Law or the Taylor Rule?. Journal of Economics and Finance, 34(April 2010), 196-217.
  • Morrill, M. S. (2010). Measuring Inappropriate Medical Diagnosis and Treatment in Survey Data: The Case of ADHD among School-Age Children. Journal of Health Economics, 29(5), 657-673. www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/B6V8K-50PCM5Y-1/2/08bc1a6db084b855dcf825df5e3d9bbb
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  • Seater, J. J., DeJuan, J., Wirjanto, T. (2010). The Sensitivity of Consumption to Income Innovations: Evidence from Canadian Provinces. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.
  • Traum, N., Yang, S. (2011). Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions in the Post-War U.S.. European Economic Review, 55(1), 140-164.
  • Tsoulouhas, T. C. (2010). Introduction to the Symposium on Tournaments, Contests and Relative Performance Evaluation. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 19(3), 635-641.

Economics – 2010 Books

  • Clark, R. L., Morrill, M. S. (2010). Retiree Health Plans in the Public Sector (pp. 176). Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Margolis, S. E. (2010). Intellectual Property and Business (vol. 1 and 2). Edward Elgar.

Economics – 2010 Book Chapters

  • Knoeber, C. R. Golden Parachutes, Shark Repellents, and Hostile Tender Offers, originally published in American Economics Review, March 1986. Readings in Applied Microeconomics edited by Craig Newmark (pp. Chapter 32). New York, NY: Routledge.

Economics – 2010 Book Review

  • Grennes, T. J. The International Monetary Fund in the Global Economy. Choice (2010th ed.).
  • Grennes, T. J. (2010). A Thousand Years of Trade History: What’s Left Out. Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History (ed., vol. 2010, pp. 159-163).

Economics – 2010 Working Papers

  • Beshkar, M., Hammond, R. Bargaining in the Shadow of the World Trade Organization: Experimental Evidence.
  • Caner, M. Capital Inflows to Developed Countries.
  • Caner, M. Near Exogeneity and Weak Identification in GEL with many moment asymptotics. Journal of Econometrics.
  • Caner, M. Pivotal Structural Changes in Linear Simultaneous Equations with Weak Identification. Econometric Theory.
  • Caner, M., Yildiz, N. Cue with Nearly Singular Design and Many Weak Moments. Journal of Econometrics.
  • Craig, L. A., Hammond, R. The Markets for Slaves and Lemons: A (Partial) Solution to the Antebellum Puzzle.
  • Craig, L. A., Treme, J. Urbanization, Health and Human Stature.
  • Hammond, R. A Structural Model of Competing Sellers: Auctions and Posted Prices.
  • Hammond, R. Auctioning to Buyers with Correlated Values. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Hammond, R. (2010). Comparing Revenue from Auctions and Posted Prices. International Journal of Industrial Organization (1st ed., vol. 28, pp. 1-9).
  • Hammond, R. Profit Leak? File Sharing and Sales in the Music Industry.
  • Hammond, R. Quantifying Consumer Perception of a Financially Distressed Company.
  • Hammond, R., Benjamin, D. K. From Capture to Condemnation: Delay and Dissipation in the British Naval Prize System.
  • Hammond, R., Morrill, T. An Experimental Analysis of Bidding Behavior in Competing Auctions.
  • Hammond, R. Sudden Unintended Used-Price The 2009-2010 Toyota Recall.
  • Hammond, R., Zheng, X. Heterogeneity in Tournaments: An Experimental Analysis.
  • Knoeber, C. R., Walker, M. D. Why Was the Adelphia Perp Walk Particularly Bad News for Foreign Firms?.
  • Marinakis, K., Tsoulouhas, T. C. Are Tournaments Optimal over Piece Rates under Limited Liability for the Principal?.
  • Marinakis, K., Tsoulouhas, T. C. Tournaments and Liquidity Constraints for the Agents.
  • McLendon, M. K., Hearn, J. C., Hammond, R. Pricing the Flagships: The Political Economy of Tuition Setting at Public Research Universities. Policy Studies Journal.
  • Traum, N., Yang, S. Does Government Debt Crowd Out Investment? A Bayesian DSGE Approach. CAEPR Working Paper No. 006-2010.
  • Tsoulouhas, T. C. (2010). Hybrid Cardinal Tournaments. Economics Bulletin (3rd ed., vol. 30, pp. 2279-2288). www.accessecon.com/Pubs/EB/2010/Volume30/EB-10-V30-I3-P209.pdf

Economics – 2010 Other

  • Caner, M., Grennes, T. J., K.-G. F. Finding the Tipping Point When Sovereign Debt Turns Bad World Bank volume (October 2010)
  • Caner, M., Grennes, T. J., Koehler-Geib, F. Finding the Tipping Point When Sovereign Debt Turns Bad. World Bank volume (April 2010)
  • Caner, M. A Locally Optimal Seasonal Unit Root Test. Journal of Business and Economics Statistics (vol. 16).
  • Caner, M. A Note on LAD Estimation of a Threshold Model (vol. 18). econometric theory.
  • Clark, R. L., Morrill, M. S., Allen, S. G. Pension Plan Distributions: The Importance of Financial Literacy.
  • Morrill, M. S., Clark, R. L., Allen, S. G. (2010). Employer-provided Retirement Planning Programs. Reorienting Retirement Risk Management (pp. 36-64). Oxford University Press.