2016 Economics Publications

Economics Publications – 2016

Allen, S. G., Clark, R. L., Maki, J., Morrill, M. S. (2016). Decision Making After Retirement Seminars: Golden Years or Financial Fears?. Journal of Retirement, 3(3), 96-115.

Fiori, G., Cacciatore, M., Ghironi, F. (2016). Market Deregulation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union. Journal of International Economics, 99. www.giuseppefiori.net/pdf/CFG20150725.pdf

Fiori, G., Cacciatore, M., Ghironi, F., Duval, R. Market Reforms in Time of Imbalance. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. www.giuseppefiori.net/pdf/CDFGGerzensee.pdf

Cacciatore, M., Fiori, G. (2016). The Macroeconomic Effects of Product and Labor Market Regulation. Review of Economic Dynamics. www.giuseppefiori.net/pdf/CF_last.pdf

Buckles, K., Malamud, O., Morrill, M. S., Wozniak, A. The Effect of College Education on Health.

Pelletier, D., Wei, W. The geometric-VaR backtesting method. Journal of Financial Econometrics.