Flying into Luxury: Student Living Dream Job

When my friends and I traveled in college, we always flew commercial. Private aviation was a far-fetched dream that none of us could afford at the time.

The first time I ever flew in a private airplane was just last week. Some people would say that my luck has changed, but this is a story of focus and perseverance in creating your future. When I was in college, I was like most students. I remember sitting in Chemistry 101 (the first time I took it) and I kept asking myself the million-dollar question, “what am I going to do with my life?” I knew what I enjoyed doing; I loved traveling, aviation, automobiles, and yoga. However, at the age of 18, turning any of these into a career seemed improbable for someone with humble beginnings. I worked in several different sectors throughout undergrad to support myself. I went from bussing tables at a local restaurant to becoming one of the top leasing agents at my previous company, but I didn’t get there alone. The most valuable lesson I learned through these experiences was how to use my network and accept help from others.

My senior year in college I searched for jobs endlessly. I put in about 50 applications to various companies my fall semester, but it was without focus or passion. I didn’t feel good about the probability that I’d be sitting in a cubicle and working for anybody just to pay the bills. That’s when I came across the Global Luxury and Management (GLAM) program in the Poole College of Management. The tagline was powerful: “Two degrees, two continents, one powerful year.” I knew that acquiring two master’s degrees on an international basis was going to skyrocket my potential for success, and it has.

During an entrepreneurial workshop through the GLAM and the Jenkins MBA program, I was able to meet the Founder and CEO of my current company, Jet It. I am now a Business Development Executive in the private aviation sector, and I am living my dream. During my spring semester of GLAM, I was studying in Paris and we learned what it meant for something to be considered “true luxury”. To name a few instances, I met members of the management teams at Chanel and Dior, and I spoke with Anthony Ledru, Vice President of Commercial Activities at Louis Vuitton. Through these unique opportunities, I heard the words “quality”, “value”, and “integrity” iterated over and over again. My current company, Jet It, lives by these three words. We deliver quality, value, and integrity in everything we do. It feels amazing to work for a company that’s contributing to an enhanced and more productive world.

I cannot thank the leaders of GLAM, the Poole College of Management, and Jet It enough for allowing me these incredible opportunities. I was able to chase my dreams, meet the right people, and apply my education in a focused way. That ultimately led to my ability to work with passion every single day.

Lindsay Greene is a current student and will graduate in December 2019.