The curriculum is delivered in four phases: I. Introductory Period, II. Fall Semester, III. Spring Semester, IV. Summer Study.

Four-Phased Approach

I. Introductory Period

Students arrive at NC State University (Raleigh, NC, USA) in August and immediately begin Global Luxury and Management orientation. Content covered includes:

  • Introduction to Global Luxury Management
  • Group Dynamics & Team Building
  • Career Management Principles for Success

II. Fall Semester

Students study at NC State University September through December and focus on building strategic business management skills. Courses and content covered includes:

  • Global Luxury Leadership, Communication and Negotiation
  • Analytic Decision Making
  • Global Luxury Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • New York City Luxury Management Study Tour
  • Luxury Consulting with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Relationship Management

III. Spring Semester

Students begin the European phase of the program in January and wrap up at the end of April. During this time, students are specifically concentrating on the luxury market. Topics and courses include:

  • Luxury Evolution, Codes and Company Strategies
  • Luxury Brand Creation and Marketing Management
  • Global Luxury Retail and Sales Management
  • Luxury Digital Marketing and OmniChannel Strategies
  • Lifestyle Luxury and Service Excellence
  • Luxury Markets and International Perspectives
  • Luxury Organization, Big Data and Knowledge Management
  • Luxury Innovation and Strategic Scenarios
  • How to Write a Striking Thesis?

IV. Summer Study

May is when students are ready to start their luxury career. From May through December graduation, students will complete a research paper. Students will also be required to complete a four month internship or four months of full-time employment in the luxury or premium industries prior to December graduation.