Tuition and Financial Aid


In-State Tuition

$12,898.80 per semester*

Out-of-State Tuition

$21,804.30 per semester*

*Tuition rates are based 2019-20 figures and are subject to change. Students pay for tuition based on the number of credit hours taken per semester. 



Housing in Raleigh, NC$400-800 per month
Housing in France$700-$1000 per month
Living Expenses$400-$600 per month
Roundtrip Flight to Paris$1,000
French Visa (US and Non-EU Students)$300
Personal Study Tour Expenses$1,000
International Insurance$300

Financial Aid

The NC State Global Luxury and Management program does not offer financial aid in the form or graduate assistantships or fellowships. Some students may choose to seek federal student loans through the NC State Office of Financial Aid. The NC State Graduate School also has opportunities to apply for fellowships and grants on a limited basis. Early applications may only be considered for fellowship and grant opportunities.