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Students have a global perspective. 

Students study at two campus locations, the USA during the fall semester and France during the spring semester, with additional opportunities for global travel and luxury industry experiences.

Students have significant hands-on experience with luxury brands.

Students experience luxury first-hand through intensive study tours in locations like New York and Paris. Real company projects, luxury executive mentoring and coaching and networking facilitated by the program’s extensive professional and career development workshops and resources are highlights of the experience.

Students develop highly marketable skills during the program.

Courses are tailor-made for the luxury professional and include topics such as: social media management, verbal & written communications, team collaboration, market analysis and research, supply chain management and data analysis.

Graduates have proven to be impactful in the luxury industry.

Graduates are future luxury industry leaders across the globe within powerhouse brands like Chanel, Tesla, American Express Travel and Waldorf Astoria. They fulfill diverse and impactful roles and responsibilities — from funneling a passion for luxury vehicles into making brand strategy decisions at Lexus to marrying an entrepreneurial drive with graduate management training to launch a creative agency for luxury brands.

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Recruiting Details

Global Luxury and Management students are in the United States until early January, and then in France until April. Students seek internships or full-time career positions with start dates as early as May 2020. Students typically fill roles in these areas within luxury companies:

  • Retail
  • Brand Management & Strategic Planning
  • Market Research & Consumer Insights
  • Account Management & Sales
  • Public Relations & Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources


Kristie McGowan
Director, Global Luxury and Management Program

Allison Anthony
Assistant Director of Admissions


Poole College of Management
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8114