Aude Baylet-Diesel

Aude Baylet-Diesel

Aude Baylet-Diesel

Global Luxury Management Class of 2014
Account Manager, Cisco – Paris, France

Just a few months after finishing her coursework in the NC State/SKEMA Global Luxury Management program, Aude Baylet-Diesel caught up with us via FaceTime to share some of her experiences a marketing intern at Dassault Systèmes in Paris.

With some 12,000 employees and over €2 billion in revenue, Dassault manufactures 3DVIA™ brand 3D communications software and other software systems for 3D modeling and design. Her internship experience has given Aude an opportunity to see the convergence of luxury and cutting-edge technology.

A native of Toulouse, France, Aude’s international experience includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University and work experience in public relations, marketing and sales in France and Brazil. Among other roles, “I worked in Paris as a public relations officer for fashion and luxury brands,” Aude said.

Today, the Global Luxury Management program has given Aude a chance to combine her passion for luxury marketing with the latest technology, and has put her on the threshold of a challenging, exciting career.

Q. What led you to the program?
A. “The variety, as well as the fact that I love the American spirit and style of education, which is very different from the French way of thinking and doing. There aren’t that many luxury management programs in the world. At first, I didn’t know much about these courses. In talking to former students, I realized that the program is really adaptable to a wide variety of career interests in the luxury industry.

Q. Tell us about the experiences in the program that are especially valuable in your current job.
A. “There are two courses and projects that that were particularly challenging. One was during the time at NC State – the Creative Management course. We learned about design thinking, and it offered a different perspective. It’s not just a “101” class, and we were all passionate about what we learned there. Also, there was the opportunity to learn with Professor Ivan Coste-Maniere at SKEMA. We studied the outlook of the fashion industry, looking ahead to 2025. He placed a lot of emphasis on technology and system development, and these are things that are good for me to know.”

Q. How well did the program blend with your career goals?
A. “My work is related to 3D printing prototypes for the retail and fashion industries. It’s very interesting, what we’re doing. Everyone has a different definition of luxury and you just have to find yours. From art, to cooking – you know, gastronomy is also a luxury field! – and travel, luxury is about the way you see life. And the more experiences you have in life, the richer is your understanding.”

Q. What encouragement would you give to someone considering the  program?
A. “Keep your eyes open to everything! Read a lot, not just the news. Go to museums. Talk to people. At the end of the day, what you’ll learn will lead you to answers to questions in luxury and fashion.”

“Everyone has a different definition of luxury … you just have to find yours.”

— Aude Baylet-Diesel