Quentin Pleinet

Name: Quentin Pleinet
Graduation:  2013
Position/Employer:  Junior Consultant, Accenture
Previous Education: Iteem – Ecole Centrale de Lille

Q: What drew you to the Global Luxury and Management program? How did the program complement your undergrad studies (or took you in a different direction)?
A: After engineering-oriented studies at Iteem,  I decided to specialize with the Global Luxury and Management program. It was a real opportunity to discover new cultures and see how mine was perceived. Indeed, during the first semester at NC State, I learned to work with American people and I discovered their vision of luxury. It was the same thing during the second semester on the SKEMA campus with the Chinese and European students working in teams on the different projects we had to do.

Q: What are some value points gained from your program experience and how are you applying what you’ve learned in your current role?
A: The Global Luxury Management program was a rich and intensive experience! Moreover, we were lucky to have many experienced guest speakers from various places all around the globe (India, Brazil, China, U.S., etc.) who expanded our knowledge about what was really happening in the luxury industry and what the future trends.