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Czech Republic: Leading People — Residency #2 and Leading Teams in Prague

The Czech Republic program includes three credits toward the MBA degree including fulfilling the Residency #2 requirement for the program. Participants on the program will spend a week in Prague exploring the corporate and cultural aspects of the city.

Program Facts

CoursesMBA 590: Leading Teams, 1 credit
MBA 532: Leading People, 2 credits
Program Cost$3,900
Please see the “Costs/Scholarships” page for more details.
DatesJuly 2-10, 2022
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
ContactDr. Leigh Shamblin (
Poole Global (
ApplicationsApplications for Summer 2022 programs will go live on November 8.
Detailed InformationTo learn about accommodations, eligibility, health & safety and logistics, please visit the PackAbroad program page.
FAQsGet your general questions answered by visiting the FAQ page


MBA 532: Leading People

(2 Credits)

This two-credit course is about the fundamentals of managing people, a critical aspect of every management position. The course will focus on three levels of analysis: the individual, the group and the organization. Students will gain exposure to topics and issues in the field of organizational behavior and human resource management. These include knowing about and dealing with individual differences, international and cultural issues, working in groups (both virtually and geographically co-located), motivation, leadership, organizational structures and cultures, empowerment, delegation, communication, and management ethics.

In this course, students will:

  • The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of human resource management processes
  • Apply organizational theories of motivation, equity theory and procedural justice to specific management issues
  • Identify appropriate strategies to empower employees and colleagues while avoiding common pitfalls
  • Identify the major challenges for today’s teams and how they affect leadership tensions
  • Explain how cultural values influenced the way individuals perceive and work with people from other cultures, including working in teams
  • Apply 3D Team Leadership skills to specific leadership situations

MBA 590: Leading Teams

(1 credit)

Participants will review and discuss general ways of enhancing teamwork in their organizations. Myths and misconceptions about teams will be exposed and answers to the most commonly asked questions about using organizational teams will be answered. Participants will be asked to discuss their own experiences and challenges working in, and leading, teams. An applied case study will also be used to illuminate additional challenges associated with forming and leading organizational teams (i.e., David Fletcher). This course examines challenges and opportunities associated with one of the most commonly used types of teams in today’s organizations: generationally-diverse project teams. Participants will get hands-on recommendations for leading cross-functional generationally-diverse project teams and determine key differences in leading this type of team compared to other existing types such as work teams or management teams. A case study (i.e., Gen Y in the Workforce) will be used to illuminate the specific issues with working in, and leading, multi-generational teams.

In this course, students will:

  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork and how to leverage the former and compensate for the latter. 
  • Determine whether or not teams make better decisions than individuals (and how to fix things if they do not). 
  • Understand the role of team leaders in enhancing team performance in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment.
  • Differentiate between transformational and transactional team leadership and learn the behaviors of both.
  • Understand emotional intelligence and how it relates to leading multi-generational teams.
  • Start to better understand generational differences in the workplace. 

COVID-19 Impacts

International travel to many locations remains restricted due to COVID-19. NC State University will review program locations for Summer 2022 in late October. This program remains as a tentative offering until that decision with dates and location subject to change.