Faculty Global Engagement

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A Global Network

From teaching abroad to connecting with leading researchers at our partner schools, Poole College faculty have a unique opportunity to make a global impact.

Faculty in Poole College leverage a network of leading business school partners from around the world to advance their research, engage in teaching or develop new pedagogical initiatives. Whether they’re in Raleigh or across the world, our faculty are always thinking and connecting globally. The college has identified 25 key business schools in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific area. This includes our 12 partners in the International Partnership of Business Schools, as well as other leading business schools. Poole College faculty also engage with hundreds of other colleges and universities that partner with NC State.

International Funding Opportunities

Faculty can apply for a number of international seed grant funding opportunities to help them engage globally.  This includes funding offered through the Office of Global Engagement at NC State as well as Poole College’s International Faculty Seed Grant.  See below for upcoming seed grant opportunities.

25 International Partner Schools

Poole College partners with a network of leading business schools from around the world.