ASB: One of the best experiences of my life

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Saturday Aug 16, 2014.

“One of the best experiences in my life.” That’s how Brittany Pickler, a Poole College senior in business administration with a concentration in human resources, describes her Alternative Service Break in Las Pientas, Nicaragua, earlier this year.

Pickler volunteered at The Fuller Center, an organization that works to combat poverty housing globally. During her week at Las Pientas, Pickler said, “I got to bond with a group of people that were so different but yet the same as me. We grew as a group and (that) helped shape my views.” She said she came to realize “how blessed I am to live such a fruitful life in America, going to a university, never questioning where my next meal (would come from) and having a roof over my head.”

While in Las Pientas, she and her team built a concrete structure for the local community. In the process, “everyone was so kind and genuine,” she said, noting that they “would work with my broken Spanish.”

“I knew I wanted to give back to the world and thought that this would be an awesome experience,” she said. “It was totally separate from what I've learned in school but it helped make me feel more well-rounded.” The experience also helped her decide on her path after graduation.

“I've always loved being around other people and experiencing other cultures and with this trip I was able to do that. I also have decided to join the Peace Corps after college,” she said.

Following her spring 2014 experience, Pickler has applied to lead an ASB trip this in spring 2015, and has been selected to co-lead a team back to The Fuller Center in Nicaragua.

Pickler provided her comments in an email interview for this story.


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