Gain experience with IT concepts, build networks through Poole’s IT Club

Submitted by Jasmyn Morere on Thursday Mar 27, 2014.

Interested in information technology and gaining hands-on experience of IT concepts? That’s what a group of Poole College students had in mind when they created the new Poole College IT Club in fall 2013.

The inspiration to create the club rose from the desire to provide students with an opportunity to grow and experience a corporate businesslike environment. Club members get to enjoy applying IT concepts on projects and also get the opportunity to make valuable connections through networking events. Any students with an interest in working with technology, as well as those with an IT concentration, are welcomed to join. Membership is not limited to Poole College students.

A typical meeting

The IT Club’s mission is to provide NC State undergraduates with leadership development, personal and professional training, and experience. Typical club meetings include discussions of current events, project updates, and new involvement opportunities for the club members.

The Poole College IT Club currently has 24 members. They meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays in 1120 Nelson Hall. Students are encouraged to come and increase their IT knowledge while also having fun as they work on club projects, such as an Android App and 3D Printer.

Members also gain experience talking with professionals at networking sessions with companies, such as Credit Suisse, a leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich with offices in the Research Triangle Park.

Current projects

Club members currently are working on an Android application, a 3D Printer, and Second Life.  Most of the projects are still in their early stages, so they provide students the opportunity to exercise their creativity and come up with new ideas. Through these projects, students get to learn about hardware and software, as well as information systems.

  • Android App: Club members are designing and creating an Android application for the Poole College of Management. The project is in its beginning stages and the club has just voted on a design for the application interface. Club members are now working on organizing all of the required tools so that they can begin programming and coding the application.
  • 3D Printer: Club members are building and programming a Pintrbot 3D printer. This project that is also in its beginning stages, and team members are about halfway finished with the construction of the printer.
  • Second Life: Club members are helping to code and program different scenarios into Poole College’s existing Second Life world.
  • DreamSpark: The club has built a customer service Moodle page to assist any students who are using DreamSpark for any of their courses.

Dr. Neil Parker, assistant teaching professor of information technology, is faculty advisor for the IT Club, and Daniel ‘Nick’ Forero, is president of the club.

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