Poole College adds China as an International Business Dual Degree option

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Tuesday Jun 28, 2016.

On May 17, in Shanghai, China, an agreement was signed that added a China option to the International Business Dual Degree (IBDD) program offered by the North Carolina State University Poole College of Management. The agreement is between NC State and SILC Business School at Shanghai University.

The IBDD program offers students the opportunity to study for two years at NC State and two years at a partner university abroad. Students also complete two internships as part of the program. In the end, they learn two languages and earned two bachelor’s degrees, one from NC State University and one from the international partner. Poole College now has partnerships with universities in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and China.

Ira Weiss, outgoing dean and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Chair at the NC State Poole College of Management, along with Sally Gong, dean of SILC Business School, Shanghai University and the former president of Shanghai University were present at the signing ceremony which marked the official start of this new partnership

The Chinese track will begin in fall 2016 at NC State University. Participating students will begin by taking their general education courses, high level courses in Mandarin, and a series of accelerated business courses at NC State. Once in China, students will take some classes in Mandarin and by the end of the program, all of the classes will be taught in Mandarin at SILC Business School at Shanghai University. In addition to the coursework outlined, students will complete two internships: one in the U.S. and one in China.

Students interested in this program should visit the IBDD website.  You can also contact Robert Sandruck, director of international programs at the NC State Poole College of Management (phone: 919.515.5565).

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