Poole College welcomes just over 1,000 new students

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Wednesday Aug 20, 2014.

Poole College’s Office of Undergraduate held a welcoming party Tuesday afternoon for new undergraduate students. It was the last of a series of summer orientations and welcome programs for the college’s 1,077 new students joining the college this week. Total enrollment in Poole College is now at about 3,298. The breakdown by degree program follows.

The Office of Undergraduate Programs, which includes bachelor’s degree programs in accounting, business management and economics, welcomed 345 freshmen, 190 transfer students from other schools, and about 200 transfer students from other colleges at NC State. Total undergraduate enrollment in Poole College is expected to be about 2500, reports Erin Dixon, director of undergraduate programs at Poole College.

The college’s Jenkins Graduate School of Management welcomed a total of 342 new students. 

The Jenkins MBA program, which offers three options – full time, face-to-face professional, and professional online – completed orientation in the past few weeks for 42 full time students, 59 in the face-to-face program which holds classes at Nelson Hall and the MBA program’s learning center in Research Triangle Park, and 35 in the professional online MBA. With continuing students, that brings total enrollment for the Jenkins MBA to 443.

The Jenkins Master of Accounting program has 101 new students and six who are continuing in the program from last year. 

Enrollment in the Jenkins one-year masters in management programs follows:

Enrollment in the college's Economics Graduate Program, offered in partnership with NC State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, follows:

  • Doctoral program in economics: 22 new students, for a total of 95 in the Ph.D. program
  • Masters program: 15 new students, for a total of 45 master's degree students


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