Poole team advances to semi-finals in 2014 AICPA Accounting Competition

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Tuesday Oct 14, 2014.

GoodWolf Counting. That’s the name of the team of four NC State Poole College of Management accounting majors who have advanced, along with 14 other teams across the country – to the semi-finals in the 2014 AICPA Accounting Competition.

The team members – Gina Miani, team captain; Christopher Befus, Stephanie Evans and Nalisha Patel – are now working on the next stage in this year’s annual ‘intellectual smackdown,’ as the AICPA’s This Way to CPA website calls the competition. Their faculty advisor is Eileen Taylor, associate professor of accounting in Poole College .

This year’s case involves helping a fictitious pie company, Humble Pies, Inc., determine the best costing system to use for their business which has grown from a grassroots operation based in one of the founders’ kitchens to a company with a national market anticipating annual sales revenues surpassing $9 million.

Each of the semi-finalist teams is developing a video presentation summarizing their ideas for the company. They have until November 3 to submit their video which will be judged both by the AIPCA judging team and the general public.

AICPA accounting experts will consider the merits of all 15 teams’ submissions. They also will take into account votes cast by the general public – including team members’ friends and neighbors – who can view all 15 video entries and vote for their favorite. The videos will be available online for judging by the public from November 5 through 12.

The three finalists will be announced on November 14, and will have one month to prepare their final presentation and face the judges in Washington, D.C. on December 19 with their in-person 10-minute presentations.

The competition, open to current undergraduate students in the U.S. and its territories who are current AICPA Student Affiliate members, is supported by the AICPA Foundation. Each of the three finalists teams receives a $10,000 award to be split among the team’s members. The three finalists will then compete to win money for their schools.

The AICPA is a national organization that promotes advocacy, community, development and guidance for the continued professional growth of certified public accountants. College students are eligible for student membership.

This year's 15 semi-finalist teams are:

  • Strategic Recipe | Coe College
  • Guru’s of Gross Profit | LaGrange College
  • Comet Cents | University of Texas at Dallas
  • Cash on Hand | LLC, University of Vermont
  • The Managerial Masters | University of Vermont
  • Screaming Eagles | University of Southern Indiana
  • SU Redhawks | Seattle University
  • Alaska Arctic Accountants | University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • MSMC Knights | Mount Saint Mary College
  • Accounting REBEL-ation | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Number Crunchers | College of Staten Island
  • Pie MACRS, Brigham | Young University
  • They Might Be Accountants | Albion College
  • GoodWolf Counting | NC State University
  • Team NDC | Notre Dame College


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