Poole’s International Business Dual Degree Program: “A Unique Opportunity”

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Wednesday Oct 19, 2016.

NC State Poole College of Management students are gaining a global business perspective as they complete the International Business Dual Degree (IBDD) program offered by the college in collaboration with universities in four countries, with arrangements under way with a university in a fifth country.

“It’s a unique opportunity … (that) will open so many doors, especially in a world that’s becoming increasingly globalized and needs leaders who know how to work and communicate abroad,” said Ina Dickson, a second-year IBDD student in the program’s German track.

Students in the IBBD program study at their home university for two years, and then study abroad for two years at a partner international university, earning a two degrees – one from NC State and one from the international university. Poole College has partnerships with business colleges and universities in China, France, Germany and Italy.

IBDD challenges students with strong language skills and a desire to pursue a global business career to apply for one of the unique program options. In the course of four years of undergraduate studies, students will attend two universities, complete two internships, live in two countries, speak two languages and earn two bachelor’s degrees.

“I love French culture, education, industry, and all aspects of their society, and I was searching for a program and career that allows me to fuse that love with my North Carolina roots,” said Emily Cox, a first-year IBDD student in the French track. “The director, Mr. Sandruck, is so helpful, so excited and passionate about his work, and after speaking with him before NC State admission decisions even came out, I knew that I wanted to be here doing this.”

The program currently offers four language tracks: Chinese, French, German and Italian. After choosing their desired track, IBDD students begin their two years at NC State taking general education, foreign language, business, and quantitative methods courses.

After their second year, students complete an internship at a company based in the United States. CISCO, Porsche, Red Hat, Caterpillar, Pepsico, IBM and Biomerieux are a few of the many companies where previous IBDD students had have internships.

IBDD students’ third and fourth years are completed at the prestigious international universities aligned with their language track:

  • CHINA | SILC Business School in Shanghai
  • FRANCE | NEOMA Business School in Reims
  • GERMANY | ESB Business School in Reutlingen
  • ITALY | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza

During their two years abroad, students complete their academic coursework, as well as a second internship – all in the country’s native language.

While in the program, IBDD students also gain a great deal of support from one another during regular meetings. “I feel like there is a great effort to connect us with each other, and the main goal of the meetings and activities is bonding and support, more than anything,” Cox said.

Poole’s International Business Dual Degree provides students with four years of social, professional, cultural and academic experiences in two different countries and in two different languages. Robert Sandruck, director of global programs at Poole College, said, “It is a focused dual degree program that offers students an unparalleled level of global engagement in international business programs.” 

Seventeen new students joined the program for the 2015-16 academic year, bringing the total to 54 students. “The IBDD program continues to grow and is looking forward to bringing students with a passion for language, culture and business to NC State for this unique program,” Sandruck said.

For more information about the International Business Dual Degree program, visit go.ncsu.edu/IBDD.

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