Students drawn to benefits of International Business Dual Degree program

Submitted by Anna Rzewnicki on Thursday Oct 09, 2014.

Two bachelor’s degrees in business, two internships plus proficiency in a foreign language: those are among the key attractions for students participating in the International Business Dual Degree program coordinated by NC State’s Poole College of Management and other colleges and universities in the International Partnership of Business Schools.

For Olivia Taylor, a freshman in Poole College, the IBDD option “is what swayed me to choose NC State for my undergraduate years,” she said.

“Being a part of this program gives you so much personal attention from the Poole College that it makes the transition from high school so much easier,” Taylor said. “You get to be part of a tight-knit community while still enjoying all that State, as a large public school, has to offer. Even though it might seem daunting to move to a foreign country in two years, the directors make sure you’re ready and offer plenty of support.”

The IPBS currently has 10 business schools partners that work together to coordinate curricula, helping to assure that students stay on track toward their degrees at both their home country and their international program. Robert Sandruck, director of international programs at Poole College, currently is working with 34 students who are either at NC State for their first two years of studies before heading abroad, or are at Poole College from IPBS partner schools in Europe, completing their final two years.

After completing her first two years at Poole College, Taylor will attend NEOMA Business School in France for her final two years in the IBDD program’s French Track, Sandruck said.

At the start of this semester, she met European and U.S. students who are at Poole College for the U.S. portion of their program. Included were 11 new students from France, Germany and Italy who are at Poole after completing their first two years at their home university, and 10 fourth-year students from business schools in France and Germany who in their final year at Poole College, Sandruck said.

Taylor is one of nine NC State freshmen who will study two years at Poole College and two years abroad. Anoter is Cody Nagy, who will be attending EBS in Germany.

“What motivated me was the rare opportunity to combine my desire to learn German and work in Germany with my love of business. I expect to gain an excellent education on a world stage in order to set me up for success,” Nagy said.

Tgree other students who are now freshmen in Poole College are in the French track and will study at NEOMA Business School in Reims, France, in their last two years. “We also have four students in the Italian track who will study at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and one student in the German track who will study at ESB Business School,” Sandruck said. In addition, three Poole College students will be studying abroad, beginning next year, in the Italian, German and French tracks.

Anja Reiner, one of the German students now in her first year at Poole College, said, “I really liked the idea of studying abroad for such a long time because I think then you are actually able to learn something about a culture and improve your language skills. On top of that, it was very important for me to not only learn theoretical models but also apply them in the real world. Two internships – almost nine months – can help you to gain a very good insight into business. Being part of this program means for me to get to know new people and cultures. I also hope to be prepared me for my future career path by having a unique selling point.”

It is Reiner’s second time in the U.S. as a student; she previously participated in a student exchange program. “If I had the choice to pick a new study course I would choose the IBDD again. It is just a fantastic program that does not exist everywhere,” she said.

Ira Weiss, Stephen C. Zelnak Jr. Dean's Chair at Poole College, is in his second term as president of IPBS. Poole College is hosting a working meeting of the IPBS leadership team later this month.

Note: Students participated in this story via email interviews with Poole College communications.


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