University Scholars are among Poole College’s graduating seniors

Submitted by Ludwig Colato on Friday Mar 28, 2014.

Among Poole College's graduates this spring will be 30 participants in the University Scholars Program. The Scholars are:

  • Madison Lyndal Anderson, Business Administration
  • Jasmine N Bamlet, Business Administration
  • Matthew Franklin Boyer, Accounting
  • Mary Chandler Cohen, Business Administration
  • Hallie Paige Corday, Accounting
  • Valerie Catherine Correale, Business Administration
  • Noora Ashley Cox, Business Administration
  • Jane L Debbage, Business Administration
  • Logan Kyle Dziedzic, Accounting
  • Patrick V Edwards, Economics
  • Sarah Krisztine Endaya, Business Administration
  • Rida Fatima, Accounting
  • Caroline Ellington Gilbert, Accounting
  • Elise Nicole Hauser, Economics
  • Caroline Elizabeth Henry, Accounting
  • Forrest Thompson Hester, Business Administration
  • Abdul-Rahman Hindi, Business Administration
  • Yarui Huang, Accounting
  • Kenneth Ryan Hylton, Business Administration
  • Kathleen Anne Kenny, Business Administration
  • Wesley Vincent Lo, Business Administration
  • Marissa Rose Magee, Business Administration
  • Russell Warren Mau, Economics
  • Michael John McGirr, Business Administration
  • James Douglas Small, Economics
  • Marc K Sodervick, Business Administration
  • Jason Terrell Syphrett, Business Administration
  • Yin Ting Tsang, Business Administration
  • Xiaoya Wang, Accounting
  • Kristin Michelle White, Accounting

University Scholars Program mission

The foundation for the objectives of the University Scholars Program (USP) of North Carolina State University lies in embracing a challenge: To introduce students to the visual and performing arts, to encourage them to consider issues drawn from the sciences and politics, to offer them opportunities to connect their academic and personal goals, and through these experiences empower them to be informed citizens, ethical leaders, and active contributors to our society.

USP’s program objectives are:

  • Promote the personal, intellectual, and cultural development of University Scholars.
  • Foster community and promote student learning, reflection, and service.
  • Promote an inclusive environment by supporting a diversity of people, cultures, and perspectives.
  • Encourage students to discuss and debate social and political issues to help them become informed citizens, ethical leaders, and active contributors to our society.
  • Encourage students to develop a commitment to civil and thoughtful discourse which respects divergent views and diverse experiences, seeks multiple and competing sources of information when analyzing complex issues, and values the ability to articulate a viewpoint with evidence and clarity.
  • Provide University Scholars with opportunities for leadership and professional development.
  • Encourage academic excellence and a commitment to advanced and independent academic inquiry among University Scholars.

The advantages and benefits of being a University Scholar

Students who participate in the University Scholars Program are entitled to the opportunity to attend many cultural events across campus, as well as the Triangle; all for free as part of the Scholars Forum Series. Students in the program who sign up to attend one of these events are provided with tickets and transportation.

If those events aren’t enough to get your attention, USP students can also sign up for Outdoor Explorations trips, which take students out of the classroom to explore the natural world, as well as Cultural Explorations trips to New York City and oversees.

Students who are a part of USP have early registration privileges that allow them to register for their classes a day before non-Scholars in their class level. In addition to this, their participation in the program allows them to register for Honors sections across the curriculum.

Program requirements for completion

In order to successfully complete the University Scholars Program students must meet these academic requirements:

  • Graduate with an accumulated Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 or better
  • Complete 12 hours of approved course credit
  • Have at least a B- in all courses used to complete the 12 hours required for completion of the program
  • Receive a grade of "S" (satisfactory) for three semesters of Forum


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