Communications Resources

The Poole College of Management marketing and media relations team is a resource for all faculty, staff and students. This page is a communications toolkit for Poole College faculty and staff who create visual or written content within the college, as well as for members of our community who promote college news and events to a broader audience.


NC State launched a university-wide re-branding initiative in 2014 to strengthen our identity across campus. Please become familiar with the NC State Brand Site and join us in presenting a consistent brand across the college and university. The NC State Brand Site is rich in information and resources, including editorial guidelines and downloadable templates.

Writing On-Brand | Copy Guidelines

NC State uses AP Style for news stories and web content. Please review the basic AP Style writing rules (covering things like when to capitalize (or not) a title, department or degree name; punctuation; time of day (a.m., p.m.) and more. Following these rules will assure all content is consistent across college units, initiatives and the university. Please share this information with student or freelance writers working on your content.

The copy guidelines also address ‘voice’ – how we talk about ourselves as a college and university. Click here for Editorial Style Guidelines, and here for Voice and Tone.

Design/Print Projects

Please send your design drafts for your print or electronic publications that you plan to distribute widely to the college’s director of marketing and media relations, Christine Ferrell, to ensure your project is on brand.

College Resources

Communications Contacts | Submit Story Idea, Other Requests (not e-billboard) | Submit an Electronic Billboard Message | Submit an ENEWS item | Downloadable Fact Sheet, Logos, other Assets, Templates | Media Relations Support

Communications Contacts

Submit any Request to the Marketing and Media Relations Team (other than e-billboards) 

Please follow the steps below for requests pertaining to any marketing, communications and/or media needs. Requests may include: website edits, calendar listings, creative materials, press releases, articles, social media postings, inclusion in weekly E-News, etc. If you have e-billboard requests, please follow the submission guidelines located in the section below. Questions? Contact Christine Ferrell, director of marketing and media relations at or 919.515.7554.

Submit an Electronic Billboard Message

We encourage you to create your own billboard slides, starting with a PowerPoint slide, using either the downloadable NC State University Digital Billboard templates, or these downloadable Poole College of Management Templates. You can also start with a blank PPT slide.

Instructions for creating your slide and getting it ready to upload to the ebillboard system.

  • Size: The Digital Billboards across campus have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (or 16:9  ratio). In inches, this is 20 inches wide x 11.25 inches high. Set the slide size when working in the Design tab in PowerPoint. The templates provided (above) are sized appropriately. You can use those as a template to create your own message.
  • Format for saving your file. Save your message as a PowerPoint file first, for your files; then use Save As (and select jpeg or png image format) when saving your finished message. This is what you will upload into the university’s ebillboard system. The system will notify you if the slide is the wrong size – or say that it was successfully uploaded. Once uploaded, your slide will be available to the campus system. (Note: the system uses the term “slide” but you’re actually uploading a JPEG or PNG image)

Instructions for submitting your slide.

  1. Go to and log in with your Unity ID and password
  2. Click the Community Tab
  3. Click the “Add a Slide” tab
  4. Fill out the form on the site to submit the slide.
  • Enter the name of your slide, a brief description and intended audience. (All Poole College; Poole College Undergrad, Poole College MBA, MBA and Poole College, or NC State campus, all students, undergraduate students, etc.).
  • Enter the Suggested Start Date (optional) and Suggested End Date (required). If the slide is for an event, enter the date of the event as the end date. The slide will run from the date entered (or the start date you entered) until the end date. General announcements will display at most for 4 weeks if no end date is requested.
  • For Unit, enter “Poole College” or “Poole College-xxxx (replace xxxx with your unit name).”
  • Enter the Category; i.e., career, student event, advising, etc.

Instructions for replacing/removing a slide that you submitted.

If you discover you need to make a change to your slide or delete it (i.e., in case of a cancellation), return to the Community page, search for your slide by the title you gave it, delete that one and upload a corrected slide if you’re entering a replacement.  You will need to re-enter the descriptive information.

Last step: Send an email message with the name of your slide and date uploaded to Poole College communications at to alert our Marketing and Media Relations team that you have a slide in the queue. A member of the team will bring it into the college’s ebillboard system for display on the relevant screens in Nelson Hall, based on the audience you specified. (Note: we have general Nelson Hall billboards, plus a billboard for the MBA graduate lounge and one in the data wall in the Nelson Commons/PCJ area). Our team checks this mailbox several times a day, Monday-Friday.

  • If your slide is for an event, the college team will add the content from your slide to the college’s relevant online calendar (college, undergrad, MBA, accounting, etc). Let us know when submitting your slide if this event is open to the public beyond the NC State campus.
  • If you need help creating or uploading a slide, please email

Submit Content to the Weekly E-News

The Poole College of Management publishes a weekly Internal E-News for faculty and staff. You can expect the E-News to be published by 5 p.m. each Friday afternoon, with a link sent to the college each Monday morning.

  • If you have content (accolades, events, resources, etc.) you would like included, please submit via this Google Form by 5 p.m. Thursday in order to be included in the Friday E-News edition.

Downloads and Templates

Fact Sheet

One-page Templates

We have developed one-page design templates for electronic and print use (both desktop and external printing). Please note the following guidelines when downloading and using these templates:

  • Templates are available in InDesign, Word and PowerPoint formats. In this case, the PowerPoint files are intended to be an option for easy one-pager development, not to be confused with PowerPoint presentations. Also provided is a folder with template examples and guidelines in PDF. All files may be saved as a PDF once created.
  • Templates are provided for: Poole College of Management (PCM), Jenkins MBA (JMBA), Jenkins MAC (JMAC), Departments (designed for a department name to be added alongside the logo) and Centers and Initiatives (ERM and CIMS are provided as examples). All are designed so logos may be swapped if needed.
  • The InDesign Templates offer great flexibility:
    • If you are creating a document purely for electronic use, use the RGB version(s). If you are creating a document for print, please use the CMYK versions(s).
    • Bleed and non-bleed options are included.
    • Each is offered in: 1) one column text, 2) two column text, 3) two column with graphs, 4) two column with infographics, 5) versions with Red Header, 6) versions with white header. View the PDF previews.
  • Completed examples: Business Analytics Honors Program, Business Analytics Practicum

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are provided in two versions for Poole College of Management, as well as for each academic department. We will be adding more versions for programs, centers and initiatives.

Research Posters

Please direct students who are creating posters for presentations to use one of the two files provided here:

Letterhead Templates


Logos are provided in a variety of formats (.eps, .png, .pdf and sometimes .jpg) for Poole College of Management, Centers and Initiatives, specific academic programs and special circumstances. If you need a logo but do not see what you need in the folder reference below, please contact Christine Ferrell.

Additional Downloads

NC State University Communications provides a wealth of downloads on the NC State Brand Site. These include (but are not limited to):

Media Relations

Through world-class scholarship, teaching and engagement, our faculty and staff are enhancing our reputation as a future-focused college of management. We need to let the world know!

Research Promotion

Please inform us when you have research ready to promote. A good time is typically when your article has been accepted, but not yet published, by a scholarly journal.

News Stories and Press Releases

Do you think you, one of your colleagues, students or alumni are doing something interesting and unique? Tell us about it! We can help shine a spotlight on the efforts through written stories and profiles, news releases, as well as interactive media such as video.

Media Mentions

If you are quoted or featured in the media, please let us know. We will cross-post the media hit in Poole College in the News.

Event Promotion

In addition to posting on e-billboards and website calendars, we can help you promote your event. Contact us during your planning phase so we can work together.

Please start your media relations requests by completing our Google Form.