About Business Services

Welcome to the Office of Business Services!

This office is responsible for the non-academic operations of Poole College of Management. Our team strives to direct and manage the financial and human resource functions within the college all while ensuring effective internal controls and compliance to college, university, state and federal policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.

This office also serves as the liaison to the following university central offices – Budget, Controller’s, Purchasing and Human Resources.

Business Services Newsletter

The Office of Business Services sends out a weekly newsletter to all faculty and staff.

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Business Services Contacts

Use a table below to find who you can contact regarding finance, HR and other administrative questions.

Agreements & Contracts Requiring Signature $0 and upTina Riley
Alcohol approvalsKimberly Whitfield
Building issuesKimberly Whitfield
Chartfield use guidanceJosh Agner and Maggie Merry
Conflict of InterestBrian Thomas
Cost-sharing questionsBrian Thomas
Endowment/Development Fund questionsAlex Byrd
Faculty Recruitment - FiscalMaggie Merry
Faculty Recruitment - HRYolanda Sanders
Financials System accessJosh Agner
HR Personnel IssuesYolanda Sanders
HR systems accessYolanda Sanders
Interdepartmental TransactionsTina Riley
Journal Voucher (Expense Transfer Issues)Tina Riley or Josh Agner
Marketplace questionsTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Monthly Financial ReconcilingTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
MOU QuestionsMaggie Merry
New Project RequestsJosh Agner
New Supplier RequestsTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Pcard one-time increaseTina Riley
Pcard Questions & IssuesTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Personal ReimbursementsTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Phone IssuesKimberly Whitfield
Policy QuestionsTina Riley or Josh Agner
Purchasing - IT EquipmentFranklin Finch
Purchasing Process QuestionsTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Release Time (Financials & Appointment Questions)Brian Thomas
Research Conflict of InterestBrian Thomas
Safety issue notificationKimberly Whitfield
Small Purchase VoucherTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Software Purchase/Renewal (equal to or greater than $5k)Tina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Start-up funding questionsJosh Agner or Maggie Merry
Surplus RequestsKimberly Whitfield
Transaction approvalsJosh Agner or Maggie Merry
Travel Process QuestionsTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Visa (J1, H1B)Yolanda Sanders
Wire TransfersTina Riley or Shirika McMillian
Wolf Reports (WRS) QuestionsTina Riley or Josh Agner