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Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) Request

An Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) is how university constituents bill each other for goods/services or shared expenses. The two types of IDT’s primarily used by departments are Interdepartmental Journal (IDJ) or Interdepartmental Sales (IDS).

To request either an IDJ or an IDS, the unit must complete an Interdepartmental Transfer Request Form, attach supporting documentation and submit to the Business Office. Please allow 2-3 business days for your IDT to be initiated.

Interdepartmental Transfer Request Form 

The most common type of IDT is an IDJ. You would request an IDJ when you are “Sharing an Expense” with another department on campus.  The department that is moving all or part of the expense, after the invoice has been paid, would be the one to initiate the IDJ (Billing Department) and the department that is receiving all or part of the expense (Customer Department) would have to approve the IDJ.

An IDS is used when one department is billing another for goods/services they provided.  There would be a credit to a revenue (4xxxx) account and a debit to an expense (5xxxx) account. The department receiving the funds (Billing Department) would be the one to initiate the IDS to the department paying the funds (Customer Department), who would have to approve the IDS.

Note: For an IDJ, a copy of the Wolf Report highlighting the expense you are sharing and a copy of the invoice must be attached to the request form.