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Journal Voucher (JV) Request

A journal voucher (JV) can be used to transfer funds or to correct an error to a financial transaction that has posted except for salary. Please contact pcombusiness for salary correction issues.

To request a JV, the unit needs to complete a Journal Voucher Request Form, attach supporting documentation and submit to the Business Office. JV will not be processed without proper supporting documents. Once approved, the JV will post overnight. Please allow 5 business days for processing. Submissions after the 25th of the month may be entered the following month.

It is very important that transactions are posted correctly the first time. However, if an error is made and a transaction is not posted to the correct project and/or account you will need to request a journal voucher (JV) be processed to move the transaction.

To request a JV you will need to complete the Journal Voucher Form and attach all documentation regarding the original transaction.  This would include the Wolf Report showing the original transaction and could also include a copy of the Purchase Card receipt, invoice or deposit slip. Each JV should be able to be audited within the system, therefore strict documentation requirements will be adhered to. 

This includes Purchase Card reconciliations, voucher entries, deposits, etc.

Journal Voucher Request Form

Journal Voucher Request Form