Contract Review

Background and Scope

  • University Procurement Services reviews contracts that legally bind the University to an outside party. Contracts can take many forms, including affiliation agreements, memoranda of understanding, terms and conditions, letters of agreement, on-line click-through agreements and a variety of other labels.
  • As a State agency, NC State University is subject to legal requirements and restrictions that affect its ability to accept certain contract terms.Therefore, the review and execution of all University agreements must follow appropriate procedures. Please note that contracts must be signed by all parties BEFORE services can begin.
    • All contracts, regardless of the dollar amount or method of payment, with an off campus vendor (to include the StateView Hotel and the State Club) that require a signature on behalf of the university must entered in the Contract Portal.
      • For consistent processing, we recommend request to be forwarded to the PCOM Business Office for processing.
    • Only the Chancellor and those delegated by the Chancellor have the authority to execute contracts for the University. Your signature is not permissible on any contract or agreement with an off campus vendor. Anyone else executing a contract that binds the University or any subunit is acting without authority and could be held personally liable for the full value of the contract.
    • Your signature is only permissible on any contract or agreement with on campus vendors such as Rave Catering!, McKimmon Center and Athletics.
  • Please send any inquiries regarding this process to PCOM Business Services at prior to the exchange of any goods and/or services.

Requirements for Contract Review

All contracts that require a signature on behalf of the University should be submitted to the PCOM Business Office (recommended). In order to begin the review process, the following is required:

  • Contract Type – e.g. advertising, catering, hotel, independent contractor, rentals
  • Contract Value – specify payment terms (hourly rate, flat fee, etc.)
  • Project ID – required for all expense contracts
  • Supplier/Vendor Information
    • Name of Supplier/Vendor (checks are made payable to)
    • Point of Contact Name and Email Address – used to contact for questions and route for external signature
    • To expedite the process, the supplier must be set up in the financial system with an assigned Supplier ID.
      • If you have access to the Supplier Information page in MyPack Portal, you can search there for active vendors. If the vendor is new to doing business with the University, they will need to complete the New Supplier/Vendor Request Forms and be entered into the Supplier Center. Click here for forms and process details.
      • Any payment to an independent contractor with a social security number for services must go through the contract review process. Click here for more information.
  •  Contract/Agreement Document including detailed Scope of Services (if appropriate)
  • Sole Source Justification Memorandum if requesting goods and/or services at or above $5,000 (click here for more information)
  • Independent Contractor Checklist (found here, if appropriate)

Processing Timeline

Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for processing. Once a contract is fully approved and all parties have signed, the fully executed contract/agreement will be returned to the requester and assigned a Contract Control Number. The contract control number is typically found in the top right corner of the document. This number must be included when payment is made – whether via small purchase voucher or pcard.

References and Resources

The resources are listed below.