Purchase Order (>$5K) and Voucher (<$5K)

Purchase Order (Large Dollar Purchase equal to or greater than $5K )

A Purchase Order (PO) is required in advance of the receipt of goods/services for all purchases equal to or greater than $5k. A quote/estimate/proposal must be submitted (NOT an invoice) to the Business Office in order for a PO to be requested.

Note: Production/service should not move forward until the PO is dispatched to the supplier.

If you intend to engage in services with an off-campus supplier, equal to or greater than $5k, a Contract/Service Agreement is required.  Please provide the following documentation to the Business Office:

  • Contract, if Supplier provided
  • Sole Source Justification Memo¬†(on letterhead and addressed to the Purchasing Department)
  • Scope of Work
  • Rate of Pay
  • Dates of Service
  • Additional Documentation

Voucher (Small Dollar Purchase <$4999)

Find the process for resubmitting a denied voucher in the pdf below.