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Non-Employee Travel

Travel by non-employees must be agreed to in advance by the traveler and the department head as to the services to be provided and the expense commitment made by the department.  This is accomplished by a personal services contract, email or letter explaining the service and commitment or by completing the AP104 Form (ink signatures required)  Non-resident aliens must complete an AP104.

Once approved by the department head you can book the travel.  The preferred method is to book the hotel and airfare (if applicable) using a PCard. However if the visitor prefers to book their own travel and be reimbursed that is allowable.   Be sure to instruct them as to what you will need to process the reimbursement such as a detailed receipt for the airline tickets – a confirmation or boarding pass is not acceptable.

In the event a visitor requires a reimbursement for expenses such as mileage, parking, taxi or meals then a W-9 is required to request a New Supplier ID.  The reimbursement request is then submitted via the Travel Center.

Remember you are still required to follow state travel requirements, which means per diem for any meals that need to be reimbursed (no receipts necessary), mileage reimbursement at the state rate, etc.

Note: If the visitor is a non-resident alien, you will need to contact International Taxation to determine if you can pay the candidate’s expenses.

A Non-Employee travel reimbursement must be requested via the Travel Center.