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Membership Purchases

This page outlines guidelines and the process for purchase of memberships
As of July 29, 2019; Updated October 7, 2020

Background & Scope

These guidelines are to clarify the University’s requirements and process for purchase of business-related memberships in the Poole College of Management.  Please note, the benefits of the membership will determine the appropriate funding source (Project ID) to charge the expense.

Note: Membership dues may not be paid for an individual employee or for the benefit of an individual employee.  There must be a valid business purpose for the membership. 

Guideline and Process

If a departmental membership is an option, then the purchase is allowable on state funds.

If an individual membership, then in order for the purchase to be allowable on state funds, the membership:

  • Must be a benefit to the University and derive from the individual’s position, not because of the individual.
    • And be REQUIRED in order for the individual to perform job functions.  This should be identified in position descriptions or other sources such as AACSB accreditation guidelines.
  • OR Must provide a cost savings to the University (for example, conference registration is significantly cheaper for a member versus a non-member).*  
    •  Or be REQUIRED in order to register for a conference.*

* Must include documentation from the organization’s website, registration form, etc. that proves the membership is REQUIRED to attend a conference or that it provides cost savings.

Important notes:

  • The address tied to the membership MUST reflect a campus address and not a home address.
  • Individual Membership MUST terminate (unless transferring to another individual is an option) at the same time the individual terminates employment with the University or moves to another department.
  • Only one-year memberships are allowed to be purchased.  Multi-year or lifetime memberships are not permitted.

If the above criteria are not able to be met, the membership may be able to be purchased with non-state funds – Project ID (Account) beginning with 6 or 7.  Documentation must still be provided to show that the membership is related to the individual’s position in order to perform job functions, benefits the university, as well as reflect a campus address and not a home address. This purchase is not restricted by the cost-savings requirement.  Multi-year and lifetime memberships are still not permitted.

Expense Account Codes to be used

54911 – Membership costs for professional organizations

54919 – Membership costs for civic or community organizations