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Promotional Items

If you need to order any promotional items, whether they are NC State as a University or PCOM specific (i.e., water bottles, t-shirts, hats, etc.), email us at or Josh Agner first before you order.


The reason to check in with OBS is multi-faceted but the main reason is that the University will not pay for non-licensed vendor materials. We have experienced issues with paying vendors, even if the work is already done and items already received. It is possible to be fined for using non-licensed vendor as well.

Use MarketPlace First

We encourage you to to use Marketplace first as those vendors are licensed, already have the state contract and are very helpful.

University Approved Licensed Vendors

Alternatively, you can use the university approved licensed vendors.

Brand Approval Process

Don’t forget to go through the brand approval process to make sure promotional items are on brand.