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Software Purchase/Renewal Over $5K

This page outlines the process for buying or renewing software purchases over $5K.

Aall software purchases and renewals (equal to or greater than $5k) require OIT approval annually, prior to requesting a Purchase Order), in order to ensure they meet university, federal and state guidelines for security and accessibility.  These requests include:

  • Software
  • Software, as a service
  • Cloud services
  • Current software subscriptions
  • Maintenance and support

Please reach out to IT support staff to help you complete the IT Purchase Compliance Form and route the request for review.

Once you have received OIT approval, route the following documentation to the Business Office in order to request a Purchase Order:

  • Quote (not an Invoice)
  • Sole Source Justification
  • OIT Approval Email/Confirmation 

Get OIT Approval First

An approval from the Office of Information Technology is required in advance of requesting a PO for software purchases/renewals (equal to or greater than $5k).