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Below is a list of the official social media channels, recognized and supported by Poole College. #NCStatePoole

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It’s been a fun week highlighting our #PoolePack transfer/CODA students! 📚 To wrap up the week, let’s get to know Will Velazquez Witosky. @willwitosky 

Will is a transfer student from UNC-Wilmington. 

He has interned at J.P. Morgan Chase as a Global Finance and Business Management Summer Intern. He will also be starting there full-time in July following May graduation. 🏦

#PooleTransferWeek #TransferStudentWeek
Check out these views from the Lanikai pillbox hike in Hawaii. 🗻

Katelynn Ocariza @katelynn.marie is one of our CODA students from CHASS. 

Fun fact about Katelynn: She interned with First Citizens Bank and has already accepted a position as a business analyst with them after graduation! 🏦

#PooleTransferWeek #TransferStudentWeek
Meet @sarahgluck21 🐺🐾

Sarah Gluck is a transfer student from Indiana University - Bloomington. 📚

She is a Poole Student Ambassador and the Secretary of the NC State Club Softball team. @ncsuclubsoftball 

“Don't be hesitant to meet new people and try new things. Transfer and CODA students make up a large part of Poole so you are not alone.”

#PooleTransferWeek #TransferStudentWeek