Creative Approval Process

The organization’s visual identity is a big part of its brand that affects what audience think and how they feel about NC State and Poole College of Management.
To increase college’s brand consistency through its visual identity, the Marketing and Media Office at Poole College establishes a process of creative approval effective January 15, 2018.

How does the creative approval process work?

  • What needs to be approved: Any creative materials your unit is producing, including print and digital materials (ex. Event programs, invitations, flyers, one-pagers, holiday cards, etc.), building branding (event signs, bulletin and research boards, vinyl signs, floor stickers, display, banners, etc.), video and swag (t-shirts, mugs, etc.).
  • How to get approval: Send an email with your creative work to Subject line example: Creative Approval Request
  • Timing: Please allow us two full business days to provide you an approval or feedback.

I have a project to design and I want my design piece to be on brand. What should be my next steps?

Your unit has an option whether to use a designer of your choice or the in-house marketing team resources. If you decide to work with the college’s marketing team, submit a communications request through the Comms Request Form.

If I want to work through the Marketing/Media team to produce content, which unit pays for the creative services?

The structure of the Marketing/Media team –– and corresponding budget –– is designed to support the overall brand of the Poole College of Management. For creative services such as video, graphic design and even some web development, commissioning units are expected cover the cost of the work. In some cases, the Marketing/Media budget may be able to supplement or offset some of the cost. And, in some cases, internal resources (e.g. photographer, writer, web developer, graphic design intern, pending digital producer role) will be able to fulfill the request at no cost to the unit. This important budget conversation will occur at the beginning of a project.

What happens if my artwork doesn’t meet brand standards?

If your artwork doesn’t meet NC State’s brand standards, we’ll provide you suggestions how to bring it on brand.

How can I (or my freelance designer) learn more about NC State brand standards?

The best way to learn about the NC State brand standards is to visit The Marketing & Media Office has a variety of creative work examples that we can share upon request. Please email us at if you need guidance for you design projects or examples of the on-brand art works.