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Non-Standard and Personal Hardware & Software

Owners are responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading personally owned computing hardware and software. For users requesting a connection to the campus computer network, Computing Services will recommend the necessary software and hardware to enable access.

Rules for Network Use of Personal Laptops

At times, Poole College of Management faculty or staff may want to connect their personal laptop (a laptop owned by the individual) to the NC State network in the Poole COM.

  • All users are required to observe the NC State policy Computer and Network Use Regulations and Rules. Note the requirement to use approved anti-virus software on computers connected to the NC State network. This reduces the possibility of an individual’s computer and other computers on the network from getting infected, exploited, hacked, etc.
  • Personal laptops are connected to the NC State network via the NC State Nomad System. See for information regarding its use. Poole COM computers (owned by the college) are connected directly to the NC State campus network.
  • The two types of NC State network connections are wired and wireless. Both require a Unity ID. For laptops, a wireless network card is also needed. For wired access, contact Poole COM Computing Services in advance to arrange for service.