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Software and Classroom Access Policies

Classroom computers are set up to provide stability and security software cannot be installed on the classroom computers. This reduces the likelihood that other classroom users will be adversely affected by the changes. Computing Services staff will install software upon request. To allow time to schedule installation and testing, please submit requests to during the semester prior to when installation is needed. The advance notice is necessary to allow time for installing and testing the software in question.

Each time you log into a classroom computer, drives are mapped to the computing lab, your personal locker space as well as any class locker space you may have. There are desktop icons to take you to these mapped spaces. When your class is over it is important to log out of the machine. If you fail to log out, you are leaving all of your files and permissions open and available. All of your files could be deleted, edited or moved by someone else.

Computing Services periodically updates both hardware and software to keep the classrooms current with the University and business industry environment.