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Nelson Hall Digital Classrooms

Digital course delivery allows for asynchronous content in the form of pre-recorded videos or classroom captured Mediasite lectures. Students may choose to complete the course entirely remotely without ever coming to campus. Students can also come to class for additional content.

The following Nelson Hall classrooms are considered digital: 1150, 2210, 2402, 2405, 3210.

What is a digital classroom?

Face-to-face Class

This is a high-tech classroom. For your face-to-face class, you can use a whiteboard and/or you can present material via the projector using the teaching computer, laptop computer, doc cam or use the Kramer device to project from a wireless device such as an iPad.

Mediasite Classroom Capture

If you opt into Medisite classroom capture, it will record you standing at the front of the room and record anything sent to the projector. It will capture audio from you and your students. It will NOT capture your whiteboard.


If you wish to use Zoom, you must start the meeting from the lectern computer. You need to share any presentation material through the Zoom meeting, and students in your face-to-face class will see all of the Zoom controls. The Zoom audio and instructor video will capture the microphone from the teaching computer.

Digital Classroom Virtual Tour

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Technical Specifications of Digital Classrooms

 Presents to in-classroom studentsWorks in recording
classroom (Mediasite)
Works with synchronous
web conferencing (Zoom)
Microphones to amplify instructor voice in the classroomYesNoNo
Microphone to record instructor voiceYesYesYes
Microphones to record student voicesN/AYesYes
Speakers play sounds to classroomYesYesYes
Teaching ComputerYesYesYes
Laptop Computer connectionYesYesYes
Classroom doc cameraYesYesNo
Portable doc cameraYesYesYes
Classroom video camera captures instructorN/AYesYes
Classroom video camera captures studentsN/ANoNo
Can faculty connect laptop to the projector? Yes
Can faculty connect other devices (e.g., iPad) to the projector?Yes

360° Classroom View

Explore a 360° view of your classroom on the University Scheduling website: