Finance & Administration

Welcome to the Office of Finance and Administration!

This office is responsible for the non-academic operations of Poole College of Management. Our team strives to direct and manage the financial and human resource functions within the college all while ensuring effective internal controls and compliance to college, university, state and federal policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.

This office also serves as the liaison to the following university central offices – Budget, Controller’s, Purchasing and Human Resources.

Transition period leadership:

Greta Johansen, retired Assistant Dean for Finance, College of Veterinary Medicine
Sandy Jones, retired Assistant Dean for Finance, College of Natural Resources and Department of Academic and Student Affairs

Finance and Administration team:

Carla Brown, Accountant
Tina Riley, Accounting Specialist
Yolanda M. Sanders, Human Resource Specialist

NC State Poole College of Management
2102 Nelson Hall, Campus Box 8614
Raleigh, NC 27695-8614