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University Faculty Scholars Program

This page outlines the Poole College nomination process for the University Faculty Scholars Program. For any questions or comments, please contact Richard Warr at


This university program recognizes and rewards emerging academic leaders among our tenured and tenure-track faculty. Approximately 20 candidates from throughout the university will be selected and named as a University Faculty Scholar. Award recipients receive a 5% permanent increase to their base salary and retain the title of University Faculty Scholar for the duration of their appointment at NC State.

Poole College University Faculty Scholars selection committee will be appointed by the dean to review the applications and recommend two candidates for the college to forward to the Provost’s Office for consideration. The selection committee will consist of four faculty members, one from each department.


To be eligible for nomination, faculty must be either tenured or tenure-track and:

  • an assistant professor who has been re-appointed for a second term, or
  • an associate professor, or
  • a full professor in the first three years at that rank.

Criteria for Selecting the PCOM Nominees

  • Significant promise or significant achievement in scholarly endeavors, including research, publications and presentations of research in the faculty member’s area of expertise. 
  • Research promise, as reflected by the level of external funding and invited presentations. 
  • High-quality classroom teaching, as reflected by documented excellence in teaching, course and program improvement, and other activities that enhance the students’ academic experience and career preparation. 
  • Demonstration of leadership potential, as reflected by service to the college, the university, within business and industry or the community. 
  • Current and potential visibility in the individual’s discipline, as reflected by outreach, service and engagement in academic, professional or industry organizations.


Nominations from the colleges should include the following: 

  • Current CV, current SFR, and a summary statement of current teaching evaluations (maximum 25 pages) 
  • Faculty with significant extension responsibilities should submit an impact statement that describes how their service philosophy and activities impact the extension community (1 page) 
  • Letter of nomination from a colleague other than the department head addressing the nominee’s qualifications, current impact and potential contributions (maximum 2 pages) 
  • Letter of support from the nominee’s department head (maximum 2 pages) 
  • Letter from the dean supporting the nomination at the university level and addressing the nominee’s contributions/impact/value to the department/college/university (maximum 2 pages). Note: this item will be provided when the college has selected it’s two nominees. 

The letters of support should not only address the nominee’s qualifications but should also provide sufficient information that will help the Provost’s Administrative Advisory Committee evaluate the nominee’s leadership potential in the context of her or his appointment across the realms of responsibility. 


  • End of September: Nomination packages must be received in the PCOM Dean’s office. 
  • Mid-October: College nominations due at the Provost’s office. 

Specific dates will be shared in Poole College Communications.