Google Calendars

The college recommends every organizational unit within Poole College to use a Google calendar and keep it up to date with events, internal and external.

If you need help with setting up a Google calendar, please fill out the Communications Request form at

Google Calendars by Department

Organizational UnitCalendar OwnerPrimary Administrator
Office of Undergraduate Programspoole_undergrad@ncsu.eduStephanie Jares
Jenkins MBAIndividual ownershipNichole Miller
Career Center (Graduate)poole_careers@ncsu.eduOlivia Hale
Accounting: Department, ERM, MACIndividual ownershipKathy Ford
Department of Business ManagementIndividual ownershipPreviously Richard Warr
Entrepreneurship Clinicentrepreneurshipclinic@ncsu.eduGabe Orta
Business Sustainability CollaborativeIndividual ownershipJessica Thomas