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Google Calendars

Google Calendars by Department

Organizational UnitContentCalendar OwnerPrimary Administrator
Dean's Unit (Administration) –– open to all Poole faculty and staffInternal events for faculty and staff, feeds the internal website calendarpoolecomdean@ncsu.eduMaria Potepalova
Office of Undergraduate ProgramsAdmissions, academic and diversity eventspoole_undergrad@ncsu.eduStephanie Jares
Jenkins MBAAdmissions, residencies, student life eventsIndividual ownershipNichole Miller
Career Center (Graduate)Workshops, career fairs, employer of the daypoole_careers@ncsu.eduOlivia Hale
Accounting: Department, MAC, ERM, Research workshops, ERM eventsIndividual ownershipKathy Ford
Department of Business ManagementResearch workshopsIndividual ownershipSeb Heese
Entrepreneurship ClinicWorkshops, classes, mentorship eventsentrepreneurshipclinic@ncsu.eduGabe Orta
Business Sustainability CollaborativeClinic kickoff, lunch & learnsIndividual ownershipJessica Thomas
Executive Educationpoolecom.execed@gmail.comAdam Tompkins
Supply Chain Resource Cooperativepoolecom.scrc@gmail.comAdam Tompkins