How to Display Your DM Intellectual Contributions on Your Directory Page

Currently, your directory page's Research Publications section is entered manually and pulled from our website's database. To switch your directory page to pull publications automatically from your Digital Measures Intellectual Contributions, please use the directions below.

See Mark Beasley's directory page, the Research Publications section, as an example.


1. Indicate which publications you would like to share on your directory page.

  • Log into your Digital Measures Account using the webpage at
  • Click on the “Activities” Link at the top of the page.
  • On the Activities page click on “Intellectual Contributions” under the “Scholarship/Research” section.
  • On your Intellectual Contributions page, you will see a list of the contributions you’ve entered. To indicate which contributions you would like to share on your college profile,  click on the “Allow Sharing” slider (from “No” to “Yes”) to indicate which contributions you will like to share on your college directory page. Intellectual Contributions with “Allow Sharing” set to “Yes” will show up on your directory page.  

Image: Digital Measures Allow Sharing Slide

2. Notify us when you’re ready to make your intellectual contributions public.

Go to the Digital Measures and Online Directory Google sheet, find your name and indicate that you’re ready to make your intellectual contributions public.

After you make these changes, the marketing and media office will turn on the automation process.

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What will happen to my current list of publications if I opt out of the this Digital Measures process? Can I update the Research Publications section on my directory page manually?

The college’s preferred process to keep the research publications on your directory page up to date is through the Digital Measures. Please note that the current list of your research publications will be removed from your directory page by the beginning of fall 2019 and we won’t be able to update it manually.

Can I change which publications to display in the future?

You can change which publications you want to display on your directory page at any time, by setting “Allow Sharing” to “Yes” or “No”. Once your directory page is pulling from Digital Measures, changes to your publications listing may up to a day to show up on your directory page.