ASAP Program FAQs

Non-Accounting majors accepted into the MAC program that need to complete any of the required seven prerequisites. 
The ASAP program is not required but highly encouraged for non-accounting majors. The program allows you to shorten your time of taking prerequisites to five weeks in the summer.
You will only be required to take those prerequisites that you have not taken or did not complete successfully with a C- or better.
The program is five weeks in length (23 days) and concludes by the end of Summer Session I.
ASAP program courses will cover Intermediate I, II, Introduction to Income Taxation, Auditing, and Business Law.
After each module is completed, students will be required to pass a proficiency exam. Failing this exam requires the student to re-take the exam until earning a passing score If a student is unable to pass a proficiency exam by the end of the ASAP Program, they will be ineligible for MAC course work.
All students entering the ASAP program are required to take the entrance proficiency exam. The exam will cover topics such as basic financial statements, the accounting cycle, etc. An online tutorial will be made available for students needing to review these materials before taking the exam.
Those that do not pass the proficiency exam will be required to take again until passing.
The ASAP program courses are not for credit.
The classes will not count toward the required number of graduate accounting course credits to sit for the CPA exam. However, you will most likely be able to sit in the Summer after graduating from the MAC Program. Most students in the MAC Program have only taken one or two parts of the CPA exam (BEC, AUD) at that point. Therefore, this does not set you too far behind other students and following the MAC Program’s recommended timeline.