Graduate Placements

As a result of the Jenkins MAC Program's professional relationships, career related activities, and high quality education, our students have been very successful in career placement.

May 2019 Graduates

Class Size 112
Placement Rate 100% (3 months after graduation)
Average Salary $54,700

Jenkins MAC students and undergraduate students in the Accounting Internship Recruitment (AIR) Program are recruited by firms of all sizes located in cities across the country along with corporations searching for accounting talent.

Sample of Employers:


The Class of 2017 was successful in finding professional job opportunities in 10+ locations across the United States including: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Service Lines

MAC students are not confined to just one or two service lines. The class of 2017 was placed into 7+ areas of work including: audit, tax, risk advisory, advisory and federal audit.