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Oct 22, 2020

Insight and Advice – Life After MAC

(Written by Jon Malote) Hello to our Wolfpack family and friends! October is here, and with midterms in the rearview mirror we can welcome the cooler weather with cups of coffee (pumpkin spice if you prefer) and flannel apparel. It’s hard to believe, but with classes ending on November 20th, we are beginning our last… 

Oct 5, 2020

It’s a Tax Life For Me

Hi there! Thank you for checking in on my journey through the Jenkins MAC program. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the first semester!  In this post, I will share insights on the required tax class for all MAC candidates and one of the elective tax courses. ACC 530 – Core Tax Class… 

Sep 15, 2020

Juggling Elephants: One Month Down

We have officially completed our first month of the Jenkins MAC program, and are beginning to get a feel for the flow of our classes. Our group and individual assignments are starting to pile up, and the added responsibilities of recruiting can further stretch our time and energy. To borrow the metaphor of author Jones Loflin,… 

Sep 1, 2020

Three Weeks In – Tips to Share

The first full week of classes in the Jenkins Online MAC program felt overwhelming at first. There is definitely a learning curve adjusting to remote education, largely because your schedule is less defined than an in person format. This takes some additional planning, but the beauty of it is that you can watch lectures and… 

Aug 21, 2020

From the Mountains to the Triangle

What’s up everyone! My name is Jon Malote, and I am part of the Jenkins MAC Class of 2021, On Campus Program. I am excited for the year ahead and look forward to sharing my experience here as part of the Wolfpack family. Here is more about me that you won’t find on my LinkedIn.… 

Aug 18, 2020

My Journey into the Jenkins Online MAC Program

Who am I? Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I was born and raised in a small town called Middlesex, North Carolina. I am excited to be sharing my journey in the Online MAC Program over the next few months. Here is a quick introduction of me. I came to NC State as an undergraduate… 

Apr 28, 2020

A Time to Come Together

Thank you for tuning into this April edition of Yusif’s MAC journey. It has been some time since I last wrote and there are many things I’d like to share with you; however, in light of the current state of the world, I feel like sharing something other than exam results or personal goals is… 

Mar 16, 2020

BECause I Need Me Time

While students may no longer be on campus, this blog post is very relevant today as students are finding themselves in a different situation and the time for self-care is even more important. For those reading, be sure to take care of yourself and continue to have that “me” time. Hello readers, I can’t believe… 

Feb 5, 2020

FAR More Than Just an Education

I sat for the FAR section of the CPA exam on January 24th. On January 25th I was showered from friends, family and classmates with questions about how well I performed. The results for the exam will not be released until February 20th but I provided the consistent answer of “I passed it”. Some responded… 

Jan 29, 2020

Top of the Class: MAC Fellows gain exposure and confidence

Each year, the Poole College of Management Jenkins Graduate School receives hundreds of applications to the Master of Accounting program. Top students are identified and offered the opportunity to receive one of the program’s prestigious merit-based MAC Fellowships.